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Elections and referenda

Organisation of electoral consultations and referenda regulated by State legislation, advisory activity on election matters, technical and legal support to prefectures and municipalities

It is the responsibility of the Italian Ministry of the Interior to perform state functions aimed at a regular making up of election bodies through the adoption of any preparatory and organisational measure required to hold all electoral consultations and referenda governed by State legislation, such as general, European, regional (if no regional legislation exists), provincial and municipal (in ordinary statute regions) as well as abrogative, constitutional referenda and referenda governing a territorial detachment. 

The Central Directorate for Electoral Services is responsible for the setting-up of guidelines and forms (signature gathering for submitting lists, minutes models, charts, ballot result tables, etc.). It provides legal, technical and organisational support on electoral procedures, keeping and revision of electoral lists and electioneering to the competent bureaux of prefectures and municipalities. It also prepares the list of Italian citizens residing abroad who vote by mail in view of general elections and national referenda; it receives party symbols for national and European polls. 

Once ballot results are obtained, the Central Directorate gathers and immediately circulates, for information purposes only, non-official results; it compiles both the local and regional elected representatives’ database and the historical archive of elections including all official poll results referring to each municipality.
It carries out other significant activities: legal advice on electoral reforms, participation to international missions to monitor elections abroad, electoral assistance and cooperation in favour of States and international bodies.

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